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ESRES2 reaches Implementation Phase

Following the successful implementation of ESRES Phase 1 (ESRES1), ESRES Phase 2 (ESRES2) commenced on the 15th September 2018.

Some of the key results from ESRES1 are below:

  • Six hybrid mini-grids installed and operational providing clean energy to towns across Somaliland;
  • USD 2,9 million private sector funding leveraged to improve electricity generation and distribution, improving health and safety, and customer services;
  • 43% tariff reduction on average;
  • 10,274 new connections made;
  • 2900 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide emissions decreased a year;
  • Supported the Ministry of Energy and Minerals to develop the policy and regulatory framework.
  • ESRES2 will build on that success expanding investment in renewable energy through the Somaliland Renewable Energy Fund (SREF). It may also support the six existing projects to maximise results and will continue to support the MoEM to develop the regulatory framework.

The ESRES PM successfully completed the six-month Inception Phase of ESRES2 in which it tasked to design the implementation approach for ESRES2. The Joint Steering Committee (JSC) at the third ESRES2 JSC meeting on 5th March 2019 praised the progress made to date and endorsed the approach proposed.

The Implementation Phase of ESRES2 has commenced on the 15th March 2019. The ESRES PM will make announcements on the website for any Call for Proposal opportunities that come out under the SREF.