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Meeting of the 8th ESRES Joint Steering Committee

On 28 September 2016 the Joint Steering Committee (JSC) of the ESRES Programme convened for an extraordinary meeting on the ESRES Call for Proposal to apply for support on the development and implementation of hybrid mini-grids – Pilot Phase. During the 7th JSC the JSC had provisionally selected six projects though had requested the ESRES PM to undertake final clarifications and due diligence.

The ESRES PM reported that the clarification process was completed now and all updated applications were available for final review. The JSC praised the ESRES PM for the work completed. Following discussions on the process, technology choice and the role of performance guarantees, the JSC unanimously approved the six projects for ESRES funding. Furthermore, the ESRES PM was requested to finalise the due diligence process and proceed with the signature of the grant agreements with the six selected Implementing Partners.