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Under Component 2, ESRES sought to invest in hybrid mini-grids in collaboration with the MoEM and the private sector in Somaliland. A pilot fund of GBP 2,5 million was available for grants to the private sector operators: Electricity Service Providers (ESPs).

ESRES launched a Call for Proposals to select ESPs as Implementing Partners for hybrid mini-grid projects that serve as a pilot to showcase that Renewable Energy (RE) works in Somaliland. Through the Call for Proposals, six projects and Implementing Partners were selected. ESRES works across Somaliland and in all regions of the country:

1. Badhan Hybrid Mini-grid Project implemented by BEC.
2. Sheikh Hybrid Mini-grid Project implemented by Beder.
3. Gabiley Hybrid Mini-grid Project implemented by Sompower.
4. Burao Hybrid Mini-grid Project implemented by HECO.
5. Buhoodle Hybrid Mini-grid Project implemented by Telesom.
6. Borama Hybrid Mini-grid Project implemented by Aloog.

Details on the projects can be found under the Hybrid Mini-grid tabs.

The ESRES funded projects contributed to the development of Somaliland aiming to make electricity more accessible and affordable to the people of Somaliland. Some of the (expected) results:

• Six hybrid mini-grids are installed and operational providing clean energy to town across Somaliland;
• USD 2,9 million private sector funding leveraged to improve electricity generation and distribution, improving health and safety, and customer services;
• Committed tariffs reductions per kWh for all targeted project sites ranching from 25 to 70%;
• 3500 new connections have been made to date and another 3000 are expected before August 2018;
• Decreasing Carbon Dioxide emissions by 2900 tonnes a year.

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