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Sheikh Hybrid Mini-grid Project

Implementing Partner: Beder Electricity Company (BEC)
Location: Sheikh, Sahil region
ESRES contribution: USD 391,868

Sheikh is a small rural town located along the main road between Berbera and Burao. Sheikh is a home of some of the oldest and most important educational institutions in Somaliland. Beder Electricity Company is the only company that supplies electricity to Sheikh town. Beder already has hybrid mini-grids (wind tribunes with diesel) in the villages of Oog and Ainabo, Sool region.

The ESRES Programme selected Beder to implement a hybrid mini-grid project in Sheikh, Sahil region. The ESRES Programme awarded a Grant of USD 391,868 to Beder to invest in the project. The ESRES Grant allowed BEC to increase its generation capacity with 200kWp Solar PV and with a 250kWh capacity battery bank and fuel saving system that had been synchronized with the existing 360kW Diesel Generators.

As a result of the ESRES programme, the power generation site and the distribution system of Beder Sheikh are extensively improved. The power plant and medium voltage and low voltage lines have been renewed to reduce energy loses, improve health and safety, and customer services. The system was commissioned on 4th of December 2017 and now Beder supplies 24/7 electricity supplies to its customers.

The introduction of the RE component will reduce diesel consumption by about 120,000 L/year resulting in decreased Carbon Dioxide emissions by 300 tonnes a year.

Beder 1

Beder 2