Project - Las Anod

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Implementing Partner: Lasanod Electricity Supply Company (LESCO)
Location: Lasanod, Sool region
ESRES contribution: USD 1,580,606

Lasanod is the capital of Sool region in eastern Somaliland and the most important regional hub for trade and social services. LESCO was established in 2000 after the merger of three small ESPs. Since then, LESCO expanded the power supply, increased reliability and provided 24-hour power. LESCO had also already invested in 720 kWp PV generation capacity prior to ESRES.

The ESRES Programme selected LESCO through a competitive Call for Proposals to implement a hybrid mini-grid project in Lasanod. The ESRES Programme awarded a Grant of USD 2,034,598 to LESCO to invest in Solar PV system to complement the existing diesel generation and PV capacity, to improve their distribution network and to improve and increase their connections through service drops.

The ESRES Grant allowed LESCO to increase its generation capacity with 1800 kWp Solar PV with the African Green Tech fuel saving system that has been synchronized with the existing diesel generators and PV capacity. The ESRES-funding for the service drops and distribution improvements did not materialise due to the closeout decision of the UK Ministers and these project components were not completed. The final grant amount was USD 1,580,606. The ESRES Grant leveraged USD 770,279 that LESCO co-invested in the project

As a result of the ESRES programme, a new medium voltage and low voltage lines are constructed by LESCO to extend the electricity supplies, improve health and safety, and customer services. The system was commissioned on 27th February 2021. The introduction of the RE component will reduce diesel consumption by about 1,076,764 L/year resulting in decreased Carbon Dioxide emissions by 2,800 tonnes a year.