Launch Event SREF Window 1

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ESRES is now launching the SREF – Window 1 – hybrid mini-grids to invest in established Energy Service Providers (ESPs) in Somaliland. ESRES will provide grants as a social investor in renewable energy generation capacity, distribution system improvements, and customer connections.

The Launch Event will take place on 24-25 April 2019 in Hargeisa, Somaliland. ESRES expects Somaliland ESPs, local and international equipment and service suppliers, and other interested parties to attend the Launch Event.

Participants need to register for their participation through the Registration Form. More detailed information on the event is accessible below. The registration deadline is 12th April 2019.

1. Link announcement

2. Link Registration Form

3. Agenda

4. SREF Guidelines for Concept Notes - Window 1 (draft)